Support Overview

- Remote Support
Through the use of our specialist monitoring tools, along with remote management software for both desktops and servers we are able to effectively manage and maintain your environment remotely. This can be extended further by installing relatively inexpensive hardware and software combinations such as HP’s iLO (Integrated Lights-Out) or Dell’s DRAC (Dell Remote Access Card) which allows us to control the hardware as if standing in front of it.

- Onsite Support
Although, through our experience, remote access is sufficient in almost every situation and ensures a faster resolution, there will be a time where an onsite presence is required in which case we have adequately trained support staff who are able to be onsite at pre-agreed SLAs.

Infrastructure Support

- Monitoring
Infrastructure Monitoring is the key to effective management. It allows us to monitor availability and performance of your IT systems so that we proactively take actions to maintain high uptimes.

- Desktops
Although traditional IT support companies and departments may view the desktop support role as a platform for staff to be trained and channelled into more technically specialist roles, we view it as a critical means for providing an efficient communication channel between the business and IT and thus recruit and train our staff accordingly.

- Servers
Ensuring your server infrastructure is always performing at an optimum level is achieved by a combination of our monitoring tools along with proactive steps such as checking the event logs, regular patching and antivirus updates.

- Network
Networks generally fail due to poor design considerations, hardware failure or human error. We ensure these potential issues are overcome by ensuring the network design is implemented by sufficiently trained staff, hardware is monitored and regularly maintained coupled by strict change-control and review procedures.

- Storage
Correctly configured storage is critical in ensuring efficient performance and business continuity processes. Cost factors sometimes outweigh the benefit of a high performing storage network but careful consideration should be taken prior to implementing a storage solution.

- Hardware Maintenance
Although we do not specialise in hardware maintenance we recommend that all our clients ensure critical systems are covered under acceptable maintenance agreements. We can work with existing partners or identify new partners to cover this area and in the event of a failure will escalate and manage the entire process.

Applications Support

- Backup Software
Incorrectly configured or poorly monitored backups are sometimes only discovered on attempting to recover critical data. We ensure this is overcome by implementing an effective solution based on your data retention and budgetary constraints along with regular test restores.

- 3rd Party Escalations
We provide 3rd party escalation support for specialist packages such as your Payroll and Accounting packages.

- Email
Email is critical to every business and even a few hours downtime can lead to a significant loss of revenue. We understand the importance of email to the business and allocate sufficient time and resources to ensure it is optimised for both performance and continuity.

- Anti-Virus , Spam and Spyware
With the growth of internet-related security threats it is essential that adequate protection is implemented and maintained on the network perimeter or firewall as well as all devices connected to the network such as PCs, laptops, servers, iPhones etc.

- Other
We support a variety of other software packages which may be too much to mention here but where required we will look to partner with other companies with relevant specialist skills in order to better support your environment.


- Asset Management
Managing and tracking your assets is an essential part of ensuring we understand what and how to better support your environment. It also allows us to keep track of both hardware and software configurations and licensing requirements.

- Capacity Management
It is very common for an IT organization to manage system performance in a reactionary fashion, analysing and correcting performance problems as users report them.
Hamlin IT take a proactive approach in order to avoid performance bottlenecks altogether, using capacity planning tools to predict how servers and applications should be configured to adequately handle future workloads.
The goal of capacity planning is to provide satisfactory service levels to users in a cost effective manner.
To achieve this we focus our proactive planning on a few key areas:
• Volume space – drive space and capacity planning operations from close monitoring of space available to operating systems and data areas
• Resource Usage – monitor usage and trends of key resources such as memory and page file space
• Parameter Setting – reviews capacity and sizing parameter settings to optimise storage

- Change Management
Our consultants understand the need for a strong change management methodology in order to minimize the number and impact of any related incidents upon services.
All changes are documented and submitted to the client for approval detailing the necessary steps which will be followed to achieve the desired result along with any back out procedure if available.

- Security Management
Ensuring the correct security measures are in place and continually maintained will minimise the chances of a security violation or reduce the impact thereof. With the regular threat of renewed methods of intrusion it is almost impossible to provide a 100% prevention rate and thus it is important not only to ensure that adequate protection is in place but to also ensure early detection and corrective measures are taken to alleviate any potential damage.

- Reporting
Regular reporting provides a means for you, the customer, to better understand where your investment is being allocated while for us it provides a means for identifying trends and allowing for corrective steps to ensure our time is allocated more productively.

Back-fill support
Should you require back-fill support for absentees or during a particularly busy period such as year-end, we are able to provide cover with sufficiently trained support staff.

Disaster Recovery
Hamlin IT realise just how crucial it is to develop, maintain and update disaster recovery plans. While this is a good first step, it is by no means an adequate enough precautionary measure if there is no testing before, during, and after the plan is implemented. Testing is what indicates the effectiveness of a plan. Therefore, it is important that as much care be exercised in testing the plan as in developing it.


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