Hamlin IT Solutions is an outsourcing IT Services company which provides a full range of services to IT end users as well as a bolt-on service to existing IT departments or IT service providers,

Our aim is to reduce the total cost of ownership of your IT Infrastructure by utilising a combination of less expensive off-shored skills along with strategically placed UK-based partners.

With the rapid evolution of Information Technology
over the years and a strong trend toward outsourcing
and cloud computing a vacuum between the business
and IT is a growing concern.

Hamlin IT Solutions recognises this and is aligned to ensure this gap is bridged through
the strategic use of in-house tools, technical expertise, friendly service desk staff as well
as the use of carefully selected partners.

We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity which is a key element in establishing and
maintaining good relationships. Working together with clients and partners, our long-term
alliances bring success to all parties involved.


united kingdom
+44 20 3411 0801
south africa +27 79 278 3300